'Lavori in Corso', meaning 'work in progress' inspired the exhibition to adapt materials used during the developmental phase of an architectural project. Given the nature of the unfurnished surroundings the use of colourful graphics inspired by Gio Ponti's tile collection brings the exhibition content to life.

Agency     Something More Near
Client     Allianz
Project role 
    Brand applications, motion graphics, artwork
Photography credit    
Marina Rosso


The Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Race Track Revival Project – or Re-Engineering Brooklands – is an interactive exhibition that tells the story of British innovation in aviation and motorsports, and inspires visitors to have a go at techniques and processes involved in the making of aircraft.

Agency     Ralph Appelbaum Associates
Client     Brooklands Museum
Project role 
    Illustration work (developing aviation icon suite) and artworking
Photography credit    
Ralph Appelbaum Associates / Andrew Lee

Nabino is a CBD marketplace – set up with the core belief in the positive power of cannabis. Aiming to make cannabinoids a part of everyday life for people all over the world. The brand and overall aesthetic is inspired by the broad spectrum of cannabinoids that CBD comes from. Chromatography was used to visually explore the broad range of components seen across the spectrum.

Client     Something More Near
Client     Nabino
Project role
    Brand applications, product packaging, image treatment and artwork

SECRET was a temporary exhibition at Science Gallery Dublin that explored the social and technological aspects of secrecy, particularly the future of surveillance, espionage and privacy. It aimed to get visitors to question their perception of what secrets are and how they are part of the fabric of our daily life.
Client     Science Gallery Dublin
Project role
    Exhibition identity design with Ruža Leko, exhibition and catalogue artwork

The fragmented nature of the everyday scenes and conversations captured in Girl Band’s album Talkies inspired the illustrative style of the title’s character forms.
Project role     Artwork and Typographic Design